Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Legendary Kung Fu Masters

See and judge yourself!

On this video we can see the legendary founders of Kung Fu styles. In Wikipedia we can found about this fight the following:
In the 1950s there was much debate about which Kung Fu style was the best, and somehow Master Wu Kung-i's Wu Style Tai-Chi Chuan and Master Chan Hak Fu's White Crane Kung Fu were among the most debated styles. Therefore, a famous fight took place in Macau on 17th January, 1954 between Master Wu Kung-i (吳公儀) and Master Chan Hak Fu (陳克夫), and the fight was conducted as a charity event to raise money for the Chinhu Hospital. This charity fight captured the attention of the press and public, and thousands of spectators witnessed the fight in Macau.

Source: Wikipedia

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