Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Intelligent Design

I'm European man and for me is very strange how many people around the world support the idea about the so called intelligent design. On first place there are a lot of non-senses in the arguments against the theories of the evolution. For example recently I argued about the "converting one species in another". The arguments were full nonsense and ignorance about what is scientific method, what is the theory of evolution, what is species and what biologist discovered the last 100 years. So there are a lot of currently emerging new species and lot of transitional species. Most correct is to say that all existing species are transitional, this is the essence of the evolution theory. To make the situation more clear, on first place it will be good to read what is a  ring species and what is a species. As well I'll join in the so called "google bomb" that will help the objective skeptic mind to find more correct option, because there is too much aggressive propaganda from the creationists and the scientist very rarely are interested in obvious nonsense arguments and debates with them. Everybody is welcome to post this link to one good article in Scientific American named "15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense".

Source: Scientific American

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