Monday, April 18, 2016

Meat without killing animals

Today I came across article about meat grown in laboratory, or the so called "In vitro meat". It explains about the process in which cell from chicken is taken and from it are cultivated big enough chuncks to be eaten. What is different from the previous experiments is that cells from living animal are taken and cultivated, practicaly without harming the animal itself and for any further needs can be used the same culture.

Image courtesy: The Modern Agriculture Foundation
The implications of all this are are pretty serious. First, significant part of the vegetarians don't eat meat because of the moral implications of rising and killing animals for food, and this method solves 100% all of these issues. And second, if the lab grown meat gain popularity it will replace most of the meat from traditionally farmed animals and this by itself will have probably the biggest impact that can be realistically achieved in the quest for saving the environment. The theory is sound, however just like everything else much depends of the realisation of the idea. If the correct methods are used, it could be even healthier and cheaper then the traditionally used meat. And one last thing, seems many people are grossed by the idea of meat grown in lab and again just like everything else the irrationality of the general population may stale the project.

And another thing, just imagine ordering steak of mammoth meat...


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